Peter Lundgren is a campaigner for a viable sustainable future for British farming as well as being a conventional farmer in Lincolnshire growing combinable crops.

My involvement in campaigning for a sustainable future for British farming started in 2000 when my neighbour phoned me to inform me that he wanted to grow a GM oilseed rape trial in the field next to my farm. The more I looked into the whole GM issue the more concerned I became that GM crops do not live up to the promise and that farmers, consumers and the countryside will not benefit from this technology.

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I’m still involved in campaigning for a moratorium on the growing of GM crops in the UK and I’m a member of the board of GM Freeze www.gmfreeze.org

I now see the whole GM issue as a symptom of the underlying problems in British agriculture and the reliance on the technofix to address the problems created by our own farming methods.

It was to try and address these bigger issues within farming that I joined with a group of like-minded farmers and environmentalists and we set up FARM – the independent voice of farmers www.farm.org.uk

And I now see the advent of the superdairy as a similar symptom of the problems in the dairy industry – and also I see the superdairy concept as potentially very damaging to the whole of the British milk sector. I’m working closely with a local campaign group CAFFO www.caffo.co.uk and nationally with World Society for the Protection of Animals www.wspa.org.uk and Compassion in World Farming www.ciwf.org.uk to highlight the economic drivers that have led to the superdairy concept and to campaign against the advent of superdairies in the UK and EU.

I’ll add more about myself, my farming, and my vision of a viable sustainable future for our farming sector, rural economy and the British countryside soon.

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